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Compliance Department

Jicarilla Department of Labor’s responsibility is to ensure all Oil & Gas Companies are in compliance with the Nation’s Indian Preference Ordinance and its requirements.

060 General Employment Program

The General Employment Program hiring is in accordance to the Nation resolution of 45 positions. Addressing training requests for each (060) hourly employees that are assigned to different Tribal Departments.

College Employment Program
The purpose for the College Employment Program is to assist with job placement and provide employment for the Jicarilla Tribal enrolled members. To assist college students with their extra cost that my not be covered through the regular financial assistance by JADE, Higher Education Program. College students are ineligible to work under the 060 Temporary Employment Program while in school whether Higher Ed funded or attending on own expenses.
We also offer the Off-Reservation College Employment Program, which provides employment for the Jicarilla Tribal enrolled members who reside off the reservation. Freshmen students are ineligible for the off-reservation College Employment Program.
The following is documents that are required:
  1. Completed Application
  2. Class Schedule or College Acceptance Letter
  3. Letter of Request from Job Site & Job Description
  4. Drivers License or ID
  5. Student ID
  6. Social Security Card
  7. High School Diploma/GED Certificate/Official Transcripts
  8. Academic Calendar
  9. *Additional information needed for off-reservation employment
  • Name of Company
  • Address of Company
  • Phone Number of Company
  • Fax Number of Company
  • Contact person(s) of the Company

*Application/documents can be emailed to doloffice1@gmail.com or faxed to 575-759-4473

Youth Employment Program

The Jicarilla Apache Nation youth Employment Program will facilitate and provide available jobsites within the Nations departments or enterprises, which will guide and develop youth employees job skills, good working habits and experience needed to secure employment within the Nation or the outside job market. It also will aid in the understanding of how the Nation’s job market operates.


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