Any Oil and gas business seeking to obtain Indian Preference status pursuant to Title 23 of the Jicarilla Apache Nation Code must submit a complete application for certification as an Indian business. The amended Indian Preference Ordinance has established two (2) types of certifications: (1) 100% Jicarilla Apache-owned business and; (2) Indian-owned business. Failure to meet the requirements of certification will result in a non-certification.


  1. The business must submit documentation that demonstrates it is 100% Jicarilla Apache-owned or at least 51% Indian-owned.
  2. The business must submit documentation describing the relevant, qualified field(s) for which it is seeking to be certified.
  3. The business must submit documentation of its financial status.
  4. The business must submit documentation of workforce/employees.
  5. Only completed applications will be considered.
  6. All applications are held as strictly confidential by the Department of Labor and the information you provide will be used only as permitted under the Nation's Indian Preference in Contracting and Employment Ordinance.
  7. The Department of Labor may verify any information provided in your application. Providing false or misleading information will subject the applicant to any and all sanctions available under the laws of the Nation.


Indian Preference Contracting and Employment Ordinance Brochure
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